Twenkul Vector 2
Toon Twenkul

Toon Form Note: Her armband in her left arm is orange instead of red to avoid controversy.

Twenkul is the Weegee of Twinkle, co-ruler of the Heeglee Galaxy, the ruler of the Enchanted Twenkul Kingdom, a member of the Heeglee X, as well as Weegee's Army and she is 5 years old. Her advisor is Pehx who helped her save the Nurth Puwl from an army of recolors who were angry about their mistreatment. Her step-mother is Penock, while her father is Brenaud


Twenkul is described to be an evil, eager and a sociable Weegee in the United 'Gees Galaxy. She also has an extreme hatred over recolors, so that's why she decided to support TheWeegeeArtistMaker9800 and Malleo's rule.  

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